• 'I wanted an e-bike to help me regain my fitness levels after a major op. This bike (*Scott, E-Sub Tour) all my boxes - the step through design made it easy to get on and off, it looked good, felt comfortable and it was so easy to click on the electric assist whenever I need a bit more support. The unique service that Sarah and Elaine offer gave me the opportunity to try out different makes and models of bike in an appropriate environment, giving me the confidence to select a bike that was exactly right for me.' - Maria

  • 'Genuinely 2 of the nicest ladies you'll ever meet. Super passionate about what they do. I have to say, I was a little sceptical at first about the whole electric bike thing but once I started, I have not stopped. It's incredible how it makes you feel when riding, I'm not the fittest guy in the world but my E Bike has enabled me to build up in stages and not feel like it's a chore to cycle. Likewise, I've seen some of the people that ride at the club and they are out of this world! It's clear the bike's grow with you regardless of your ability! Awesome bike, awesome girls, thank you!' - Daryl

  • 'Excellent course with an inspiring Coach, two mad E-flow-ers and some great people! Great confidence builder and no matter your ability or 'nerve'; encouragement and patience is the order of the day. Highly recommended course and particularly with Caroline as a fantastic women's cycling/sports advocate. Much fun!' - Karen

  • 'Caroline, Elaine and Sarah were great - even let an old man join what was meant to be a lady learning event! Taken in small chunks and moving on when ready, great for building confidence and making progress. Just an edge of competitiveness to make it interesting, but safe and enjoyable. On to the blue trail, great fun and able to put some of those new things learned into practice. Many thanks Caroline, who obviously knows her stuff. Great enthusiasm from Elaine, and feel a little sorry for Sarah as she spent a bit of time fixing punctures and curtailed her own 'play. Thank you ladies, when is the red course?' - Adrian and Jenny

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Lapierre's Snake Power Battery

Lapierre's Snake Power Battery

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