my haibike electric bike: making the impossible possible

November 19, 2016

my haibike electric bike: making the impossible possible

Garry and Linda Ellwood share their story of new-found cycling adventures with Pedelecs.

A full suspension Haibike electric bike may not be most people’s idea of a 65th birthday present to themselves, but I’d be the first to agree I’m not your average 65 year old.

While that birthday will be upon me next month, I also have an adrenaline-loving and super fit 39 year old son, Scott, who rides a combination of bicycles in his home county of Somerset. A second cyclist son, Dale, lives in Lincolnshire, not quite so far away from our own Cambridgeshire home.

My wife, Linda, and I both enjoy cycling too and we’ve been using our old Claude Butlers more in recent years – trying to fend off the ever-advancing years – and taking them on holiday when visiting our son in Somerset was most enjoyable… except for the hills.

You can probably see that if I wanted to ride a mountain bike on Exmoor or the Quantocks at my son’s pace (let’s face it, it’s no fun having to wait for the old man) I needed help! My wife, a couple of years younger, was resigned to walking up the steepest hills while pushing her bike alongside.

Aside from those regular catch ups with our family, I also wanted to take up mountain biking with other friends in the Somerset area that also ‘venture into the hills’ – I didn’t want to miss out.

It slowly dawned on me that for Linda to get up the hills or for me to travel cross country and keep up with younger people, we needed to go electric.

The penny dropped that a local friend was continuing to ride effortlessly to, from and around town on an old e-bike; we always remarked how well he gets about. Like all converts, he was keen to let me ride it and tell me all about it.

There was no denying that the money I was proposing to spend on a pair of pedelecs was significant and I did face opposition from my wife initially while we pondered the justification from a ‘life experience’ approach to thinking.

My main thought was that a pair of electric bikes would change the way we thought about bikes – and crucially where we use them. I felt sure the added power would open up new opportunities for us.

To explore all options however, we did look at lighter weight ‘ordinary’ cycles and in the course of that tried out some very expensive mountain bikes. But it was obvious, if I wanted to ride with my sons, I needed more than just a lighter bike.

The next step was a trip to our local electric bike specialist, Electric Bike Sales (Electric Transport Shop). Chosen because not only were they just up the road in Cambridge, but were there for their customers before, during and after purchase. As we still knew next to nothing about electric bikes, it was a good place to start. READ MORE...

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