Electric Bikes Burn up to 500 Calories Per Hour

January 05, 2017

Electric Bikes Burn up to 500 Calories Per Hour

Riding electric bikes helps people cycle their way to health and fitness by burning up to 500 calories per hour while reducing stress, boosting immunity and reducing the risk of disease. Electric cycling delivers the same benefits as non-electric cycling — as long as riders pedal. With electric bikes, riders can go longer and farther, improving their overall health, fitness and endurance.

“Riding an electric bike was my first form of exercise,” said Rhonda Martin, 43, who lost more than 270 pounds in part by riding her electric bike. In two and a half years, Martin went from hardly being able to move to being an active, award-winning triathlete. Today, she rides her electric bike for exercise on her 38-mile round-trip commute to work. Martin is an inspiration to more than 33,000 people via her Facebook page titled “Living Instead of Existing.”

Many e-cyclists believe that riding an electric bike can offer a quicker means to fitness and weight loss than a regular bike, as e-bike owners tend to use their bikes much more. Riding an electric bike is often so exciting that it doesn't really feel like you are exercising. Also, the motor assistance supports how you feel on the day. Feeling exhausted, simply increase the assistance! This control makes people far more likely to stick to their weight loss or fitness plans than a regular bike.

Cycling for ½ hr per day within a calorie controlled diet can achieve weight loss comparable to that achieved by doing three aerobic classes a week. As well as being positive in regards to physical health, cycling is also proven to improve overall well-being, self-confidence and tolerance to stress, while also reducing tiredness, difficulties with sleep and a range of medical symptoms.

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