E-Mountainbike Magazine - Cube present the ebike innovations for the 2022 season with the new Bosch Smart System and 750 Wh battery

September 01, 2021

E-Mountainbike Magazine - Cube present the ebike innovations for the 2022 season with the new Bosch Smart System and 750 Wh battery

Cube are revamping its ebike portfolio and giving the Reaction Hybrid, Stereo Hybrid 120, 140 and 160 eMTBs the new Bosch Performance Line CX Smart System update and the new 750 Wh battery. We have collected all the information on the Cube ebikes for you.

Cube have quite a number of innovations on the agenda for 2022. All Cube ebikes will be equipped with the new Bosch Performance Line CX Smart System. This means that both the Reaction Hybrid hardtail and the three full suspension bikes, Stereo Hybrid 120, Stereo Hybrid 140 and Stereo Hybrid 160, have been revised to fit the new motor system.

No Bosch Smart System for smaller ebikers

Not all new Cube eMTBs get the new Bosch Performance Line CX Smart System. The new Bosch system is only available in combination with a 750 Wh battery and is not backwards compatible with the previous 625 Wh battery. The XS and S frame sizes have to do without the new Bosch system because of limited space and therefore remain unchanged from the 2021 models. Cube will continue to install the shorter 625 Wh battery in them, together with the familiar handlebar remotes and Bosch displays such as the Purion or the first-generation Kiox display. This is not necessarily a disadvantage, as smaller riders usually also weigh less and can achieve comparable ranges with less battery power. If you went along with a battery capacity of 625 Wh, you will get a noticeably lighter eMTB that also costs € 200 less than the new models with the new Bosch Smart System and 750 Wh battery. In return, however, you have to do without the other innovations on the frame and motor integration of the Cube 2022 models.

The new 750 Wh battery is an integral part of the new Bosch Smart System. However, it is only available in the new Cube ebikes from size M upwards. Riders on smaller frame sizes still have to make do with the old Bosch system and 625 Wh battery.
All Cube ebikes with the new Bosch Smart System are equipped with the new Kiox 300 display. If you don’t need the information on the display, it can also be unplugged.
Cube have installed the new Bosch LED Remote. With its colour LED bars, it provides the rider with all the essential motor data such as battery status and support level.

To ensure that the new Bosch Kiox 300 display and LED Remote not only make a functional but also a good visual impression, Cube have revised the cable management. They already had several eMTBs in its portfolio where all the electrical cables and wires ran through an Acros headset in the frame. Now, Cube is also consistently doing away with the cable ports behind the head tube on all the carbon bikes and the top aluminium models. The charging port has also been redesigned. Cube have developed its own plastic cover that swivels to the side. In the open and closed position, it has a clearly defined locking point.

Cube uses an Acros headset to route all cables and wires into the frame.
Without cable ports behind the head tube, the frame looks very clean.
Cube give the new charging port a new cover. It opens to the side and snaps neatly into the open and closed position.

In addition to the obvious changes, Cube have also incorporated several inconspicuous novelties in their ebikes that can easily go unnoticed. For 2022, all eMTBs will have an invisible mount for a flat-mount kickstand in the chainstay. The Bosch speed sensor is now nicely integrated in the dropout of all Cube eMTBs and the magnet is attached to the rotor. Pull off the seatpost clamp lever to discover a 5 and 6 Allen key. For the derailleur hanger, Cube use SRAM’s UDH standard for the latest generation of eMTBs, which makes it easier to find a replacement derailleur hanger. Cube’s production lines for the new models have already started turning, so you should be able to put the first new eMTB under the Christmas tree in 2021.



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