We're Now Stocking CUBE!

January 13, 2017

We're Now Stocking CUBE!

E-MOUNTAIN BIKE MAGAZINE REVIEW 17.11.2016, by Christoph Bayer
Something is going down in the picture-perfect town of Waldershof. Giant, black industrial spaces are springing out of the ground. The resident bike brand CUBE are expanding – in a multitude of ways. One of their latest bikes to step up onto the scene is the CUBE Stereo Hybrid 140 SLT; is it going to undergo the same upwards spiral as the brand. Think of the tale of the ugly duckling that grew into a beautiful swan, and it’s fairly similar to the tale of the CUBE Stereo Hybrid 140, which has been consistently tugged and tummy-tucked over the last few years. It’s still built around an aluminium frame with a four-pivot rear end and 140 mm of travel, but its geometry, tube profile, and cable routing have all been drastically altered. Now the bike strolls in with a clean silhouette, a stylish semi-integrated battery, and a motor cover with a super-cool design. The spec holds true to CUBE’s high standards, boasting robust MAGURA MT7 brakes, FOX Factory suspension, and the SRAM EX1 drivetrain. The Race Face SIXC carbon bars are ultra-wide at 800 mm, but they’re easy to shorten with the right tools. We’d recommend 760–780 mm. The German brand has kept with the proven Bosch Performance CX motor with a 500 Wh battery. The CUBE possesses a real knack for climbing with the combination of its powerful motor, the huge gear range of the SRAM EX1 cassette, and long 476.5 mm chainstays. On steep climbs, however, it’s a good idea to activate the platform damping on the FOX FLOAT X or your pedalling might create more bob than a plastic duck in the bath. The rear is at its best when ridden with around 20% sag. The Stereo Hybrid is really comfortable to ride, ironing out the trail and dishing out the travel on mid-sized to big hits. However, if you’re prone to throwing the bike around on the trails and plummeting down descents, then you might want more feedback and support. There’s really balanced weight distribution, so cornering with the Stereo Hybrid 27.5+ won’t cause any complaints. READ MORE...


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