First Look Haibike XDURO 2017 Review

August 26, 2016

First Look Haibike XDURO 2017 Review


While the SDURO bikes with the all-new Yamaha motors may have rightly stolen the show at this year’s Haibike 2017 product presentation, the XDURO bikes with their Bosch motors commanded an equal amount of attention. An impressive presence with some notable updates, we’ve checked out the most important models and compiled a run-through of the changes.

Unlike the all-new Yamaha PW-X motors, the Bosch motors on the XDURO range have remain largely unchanged, apart from their display. Here’s where the main revisions can be found in the geometry, spec and wheel size. Virtually all of the XDURO models have turned longer and slacker, received new forks, brakes and cockpits that render them better on the trails as well as undergone the step up to plus-size tires. Aside from the XDURO NDURO model, which has undergone the least evolution since its 2016 model, we’re stoked to see how the entire Haibike line-up has kept firmly up-to-date, well and truly modernizing the models and tackling some of the criticisms that we expressed about earlier bikes.


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