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Nyon is more than just a computer for your eBike: together with the online portal and app the on-board computer offers eBike connectivity for the next generation. Retrieve all the information you need at any time: whether GPS navigation and range information or an analysis of your personal fitness. Nyon is now available as a retrofit kit for eBikes from the Performance Line CX, Performance Line or Active Line from the 2014 model onwards.


Nyon is the world's first onboard computer for the eBike, combining all functions in one device. From providing current speed, cadence or range data to navigating by GPS or analyzing your personal fitness, Nyon keeps you optimally informed throughout every ride with a wide array of innovative features. It’s exceptionally quiet, quickly rechargeable and sized for your trouser pocket. Together with the portal and the app for Android and iOS smartphones, Nyon offers next-generation eBike connectivity.


Motor support when required

Sporty or relaxed – Select one of five different riding modes to suit your own individual motor support requirements. You can adapt driving modes individually using an additional premium function.

Clear overview

Whether time, speed, shift recommendation, range, distance, battery charge level or cadence, Nyon shows you all the most important information at a glance.

Personalised user interface

The new user interface makes your Nyon even easier to personalize. Define your own personal cockpit by choosing from more than 20 different options and three suggested designs.


Convenient route planning

Plan your own route using the portal, Nyon and eBike Connect app or upload the routes to the eBike connect online portal as GPX tracks.

Select route profiles

Choose from one of three suggested routes: You can choose between the fastest route, most picturesque route or a route for eMountain bikers, predominantly along dirt tracks. Alternatively, the shortest route is calculated for speed bikes.


Discover the most beautiful places along the route and include a maximum of eight stopovers when planning your eBike tours.


In addition to the home address, a “Take me to work” function is not also available – after saving an address at or on the app, you can navigate from Nyon using this shortcut.

More storage space

The 8 GB memory provides sufficient space for storing maps. However, you can continue navigating with a full memory: simply stream the required maps to the Nyon from your smartphone via Bluetooth.


Training function

Nyon transforms your eBike into a “personal trainer”. Whether you are training for a competition or are an active, health-conscious recreational sports enthusiast: Nyon provides all the relevant data in real time to motivate you while riding.

Fitness check

Nyon measures your pedal force and cadence to calculate how much power you generate and how much energy you burn. You can use a heart rate chest strap, fr example, to obtain more accurate values and make sure you are always raining within the correct pulse range.

Online evaluation with eBike-Connect

You can visit the portal to see how effectively you have been training. The portal gives you a perfect overview of your current fitness and training level.


Personalized settings

You can use the eBike Connect app to enter tour destinations, for example, or modify the screen design according to your requirements. Attractive premium functions allos you to personalize your eBike assistant in even more detail: Purchase the premium function to modify riding modes or the topographical range.

Charging station for external devices

The micro-USB port on the Nyon can be used to charge external devices such as smartphones and can be used by specialist dealers to perform diagnostic tasks.

Messaging system

When the Nyon receives a new SMS, a pop-up notification appears on the display so that you can stay well informed during training without removing your hands from the handlebar, while your smartphone remains safely in your pocket.

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