Super Soco TS1200R (includes government grant)


The ultimate carbon free commuter for just 1p per mile and £800 government grant!

“The Super Soco was a fun bike to ride. Its acceleration was impressive, its range handled my 25 mile round trip, and the removable battery makes it easy to charge”
Jon Porter, Tech Radar

“After spending the better part of a day navigating my way around London’s nadgery back roads I was impressed with the Super Soco”
Liam Marsden, Motorcycle News

“You’ll struggle to find a more affordable form of short-distance motorised commuting than this. Would I buy one? Yes, I would.”
Rob Hill, Daily Mail

“I would get one and I would ride it everywhere I went, saving the planet”
Steve Hogarty, City AM

  • High-performance Bosch motor, top speed of 28MPH
  • Removable and rechargeable 60V 26AhAH Lithium battery, up to 60-miles range. Charged using a 3-pin plug. 7-8 hours for a full charge. Install 2 batteries for twice the range.
  • Hydraulic upside-down front shocks and an adjustable centre rear shock are designed to improve rider comfort and handling.
  • Each bike is coded to the smart key enabling push to start and keyless ignition riding.
  • Displays speed, range, temperature and time. The LCD screen is also illuminated for riding at night.
  • The Super Soco is keyless and features additional movement sensors and an anti-snatch alarm for added security.
  • White LED optics power the Soco day time running light, headlight and low beam. The rear LED tail light has 270 degrees visibility improving rider visibility and safety.
  • Adjustable in three settings, enabling individual rider comfort.Carbon steel mainframe and aluminium rear frame, lightweight and strong, TIG welded to enhance cosmetic appearance.
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