women's e-bikes

Many bike brands design and build frames with women-specific geometry. These designs are based around research and data collected into the average female body. Some brands build frames around the traditional 'short torso and arms with longer legs' view of women's body shapes. This means shorter top tubes and reduced stem lengths that reduces the stretch to the bars and can make riding more comfortable if you’re shorter than average or petite. If you’re not, it can adversely affect your weight distribution on the bike, making it harder to find where to position your body, which can in turn affect how the bike handles. 

Brands building their bikes based on data collected from female riders, may have some or all these elements, but will design each bike according to how these dimensions affect the ride. Some female cyclists, however, prefer a more stretched-out, aggressive riding position – so other brands have concentrated on providing a wider range of sizes of standard 'male' or 'unisex' frames. Almost all women’s specific bikes, including those based around 'unisex' frames, will be kitted out with parts that make contact points more conformation for female riders, such as narrower bars, slimmer grips, shallower drops on road bikes, a female-specific saddle and shorter cranks.

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