Best Flow Trails in the World

As the sport of mountain biking has evolved over the past decades, it has driven the development of a new style of trail with features and concepts that push the limits of traditional singletrack. An increasing number of public land agencies, ski areas and communities now embrace the importance of trails built specifically for mountain bikes—trails that flow.

All trails have a "rhythm," a place where mountain bikers can find their groove. They call it flow. Flow Trails take mountain bikers on a terrain-induced roller coaster experience, with little pedaling and braking necessary. This style of trail typically contains features like banked turns, rolling terrain, various types of jumps, and consistent and predictable surfaces. Conspicuously absent are abrupt corners or unforeseen obstacles. As a rider carves back and forth, and up and down, he or she develops a rhythm and flows down the trail.

Flow trails are what you make them: leisurely rides with your kids where beginners can roll over dirt features and bypass technical ones, or an exploration of skills and airtime for fast, talented riders who want to turn the trail into the ultimate playground.


Petzen sits at about 1,000 meters high and provides about 6 miles of flowing riding terrain in a beautiful countryside setting. The trail was purpose-built for bikes and designed to stand up to serious rain while being environmentally and socially sound.



In about 6 miles, Superflow provides eight unique sections, each with their own character. Big grade reversals, berms, rollers, drops, jumps and stone steps pepper the constantly changing terrain.

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