customer servicing

At E-Flow Cycles we only service our customers electric bikes. 

When you purchase an electric bike from us we guarantee two years of free unlimited Bronze Servicing, diagnostics and software updates. We also process your warrantees and sell you parts at cost during that time. We provide your electric bike with a detailed mechanical logbook that not only highlights each service, but also includes detailed diagnostic reports on your motor and battery performance.

Our mechanics are all Bosch, Brose and Cytech trained. This gives us the edge over non-specialist and online electric bike shops. We offer professional advice and exceptional customer care to help you look after your investment.


Just like a regular bicycle, electric bikes need committed care and maintenance. However, e-bikes need extra attention and consideration. Like any computer software, the motors software needs updating and any error codes correcting. The bike itself needs regular cleaning and lubricating, and should be stored in a dry environment.

When cleaning your e-bike, it’s important to remember that the electrical and mechanical elements require the most attention. Do not use a pressuriser washer, as this may damage the electrical equipment and corrode bearings. Cleaning the bike often will help to keep dirt from blocking the chain and motor.

  • Use a low-pressure water stream or a damp cloth and move in gentle motions
  • For stubborn dirt, use a mild degreaser and apply to the bike with a soft brush
  • Dry off with a towel
  • Use silicone bike shine to protect the frame paintwork 


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