Designs from around the globe

In 2017 E-Flow Cycles will be stocking and promoting uniquely designed cycling jerseys and apparel from around the world. In our eBike Boutique we offer innovative, independent clothing labels from Canada, Australia, Switzerland and the UK, creating a syndicate of designers that reflect their country's local trails and riders, and collectively represent an international trail style. WATCH THIS SPACE! 

Read on for a brief summary from the designers themselves!


E-FLOW RIDERS is our very own trail surfing collection. MTB jersey's, riding shirts, hoody's and tee's for mountain bikers who like to e-flow. Comfy, loose clothing for on and off the trails. As mountain bikers have a similar dress code and lifestyle to surfers, our design remit was simple - great fit, excellent quality and easy wearing! Watch this space! - Elaine & Sarah


Seeds were sown for Flare in the summer of 2012, and after a year of research, prototyping and development we lunched our first women's jersey collection, closely followed by a full riding clothing range of jerseys, shorts as well as casual t-shirts and hoodies. We are now into our second year, and second season, which has seen the addition of men's clothing to the line through a successful Kickstarter campaign here, as well as improvement of the core pieces that we already had.

FLARE is more than just clothing - we want to promote cycling of whatever discipline to be something rad, whether it's racing downhill, riding familiar trails or just having a blast at the pump track, so check out the journal for news on what we're getting up to, cool videos, interesting articles and race reports from our riders. - Hannah and Ben


TREES was born from an idea while riding our bikes through some trails during one of many trips with our friends. Why not create some technical mtb apparel that we designed ourselves and adapted specifically for our needs.

Powered by creativity and passion for mtb, we produced our first garments in 2012 to test in our close network. This initial experience encouraged us and showed us that we had to live out our dream and push the boundaries a little further. What started as a shared passion morphed into an ambitious project: to market technical mountain bike apparel that reflects who we are. We conceive and design every TREES mountain bike wear with a strong focus on quality, comfort and performance. Made for riders by riders... Being a young couple living up in the Laurentians, QC. Canada, with so many trails to ride and test our prototypes in, this awesome environment pushes us to create each day with determination.

Every collection is created to bring out some new, fresh, and distinctive designs and colors for both men and women who performs in XC, enduro or downhill.

We are stoked to share with other riders like us the opportunity to discover our vision of mountain biking through our brand. Hope you enjoy! - Simon and Marjorie


We began the PUDDLE OF MUD DESIGNS journey with a small range of designs that are unique and fun and we think....refreshingly different! These jerseys were designed with women in mind, with a flattering contoured fit, but still loose and 'carefree'. Super relaxed, light, soft and comfy, when you throw one of our jerseys on, you will not even think you are wearing a 'bike' jersey!

Go for a blast on your bike, stop off for a coffee or a cold beverage ('ride later' is one of our mottos!) and never feel you are dying to 'peel' out of your jersey when you get home. Designed for women who want something that looks and feels different, who like a relaxed 'go anywhere' jersey that makes them feel free and look super awesome too (!) while shredding the trails, going exploring or heading out on an epic adventure! 

At Puddle of Mud Designs, bikes are an extension of ourselves. As a kid, to get to school and back, to the shops for a sugar fix, to friends' houses or the park. As an adult, to get to work, meeting with friends, challenging yourself, perhaps a spot of racing too and generally to keep fit. In a nutshell, riding bikes is about hanging with your mates, riding in local forests, discovering new trails, trying new things, setting challenges (and nailing them!) and basically embracing life and the great outdoors.

We are a new kid on the block, and the Puddle of Mud Designs idea stemmed from a crazy kaleidoscope of thoughts and ideas over quite some time! Baggy gear is appearing more than ever in our favourite mountain bike magazines and out on the trails, yet we felt there wasn't much choice around, especially for women, so finally the brand was born! 

We have started out with an womens' fit jersey. We love the more looser, casual, easy going, all mountain, gravity look anyway, so it was an easy place to start (well in theory!) We took quite some time perfecting the fit in every possible way as well as trying to extract something from the massive string of ideas regarding colour and pattern, and finally the Tasha, Eva and now Skye jerseys were born! So why not add a super RAD Puddle of Mud Designs jersey to your wardrobe to wear with your favourite baggy shorts! We hope we can be part of everybody's everyday adventures! - Mary


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