e-bike weight loss

E-Bike Yourself Trim!

Riding an e-bike when you're overweight can be daunting. However, with an electric bike you have that extra bit of motorised assistance...which converts quickly into rider confidence.    
Our E-Flow Weight Loss Programme (coming soon) allows for gentle cycling, taking the strain off your heart and lungs, allowing your fitness to grow at the correct pace. An e-bikes job is to augment human power, not replace it! It incorporates both your pedalling power and the motor power, which means, in simple words, that you can work as little or as much as you want. E-bike fitness have proven to promote a healthy and active lifestyle by making it easier to get out on a regular basis. Here is some advice for the chubby e-cyclist!

Get a bike that fits

Comfort is key! Check the manufacturers size chart and email us for advice.

Don’t worry about being unfit

You don’t have to make like a lycra-clad bike messenger weaving in and out of the traffic to be a e-cyclist. Go at a pace that suits you, work with your body’s capabilities, not against them, and treat yourself kindly. If once around the park is enough then so be it. Break up long journeys by taking your e-bike on the train or carrying it on a car rack. Feeling wobbly? Practise on quiet roads. There’s more than one way to be an e-cyclist: if you want to build up your fitness levels you can, it’s fine if you just use your e-bike to go to the shops, and if you’re happy with an occasional ride then that’s okay too.

Improvise your clothing

Most cycling gear is available in smaller sizes only, so you may have to use your imagination a little. Don’t be discouraged...check out our plus size range, and if there are brands we should be selling, please let us know. For quick throw on weather protection, check out Brooks' fabulous waterproof Cambridge Cape (on the Urban Clothing & Accessories page). The key is to wear what’s comfortable.

Don’t be intimidated

Some members of the cycling community can be very judgmental about weight and body size. Pay them no mind and remember that you have just as much of a right to ride as anyone.

Keep going

It’s easy to let things slip, especially if you are a nervous cyclist, but don’t give up. Make cycling fun, go for a ride with a friend, cycle in the sunshine, race some kids, just keep pushing the pedals round and round. 

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