E-Flow Cycles Beginners eMTB Course

Do you;

  • Have little faith in your riding ability off road?
  • Use you brakes whenever you bike points downwards?
  • Creep slowly over obstacles?
  • Stop frequently?
  • Ride sitting in your saddle all of the time?
  • Or are you just plain annoyed with your ‘other half’ when they say, “oh come on just ride it, you’ll be fine”, without giving any tips?

Well, hopefully we can help!

Caroline’s course will cover the following skills to improve your riding, increase your confidence and keep you safer.

  • Basic bike set-up & checks
  • Understanding and setting your suspension
  • Trail riding etiquette
  • Correct body position for confident riding
  • Understanding traction
  • Braking skills
  • Slow speed manoeuvres
  • Clearing roots and small logs
  • Basic climbing and descending techniques
  • Introduction to single track and small drop offs 


  • 30th September 2018
  • 9.45am, meet in the car park at Betteshanger Country Park
  • 10am - 12pm
  • Lunch
  • 1pm - 3pm


  • £125, including lunch
  • £100, including lunch, if you are an E-Flow eMTB customer 


Participant must have:

  • Basic cycling skills
  • A capable eMTB
  • Wear a helmet, gloves & trainers
  • Wear knee and elbow pads


elaine@eflowcyles.com / M: 07763 817329 

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