what is e-flow trail surfing

There are many MTB disciplines, but all mountain bikers, electric or human powered, long for 'flow' — the magical rhythm of trail, body, and (e)bike in sync. Flow in surfing terms is when a surfer rhythmically rides a wave from start to finish without hesitations or stoppages. This feeling of flow, on a wave or on dirt, is one reason why these adrenalin sports are addictive.

It should come as no surprise that this quest have given rise to the development (of the relatively new) MTB term 'flow trails'. Love or hate the new kid on the block, flow trails have gained a strong foothold in the mountain biking arena — with gentle rollers, smooth berms, and controlled speed providing an inviting playground for first-time riders and pro riders alike. The roller-coaster-goodness allow bikers to play with speed and eventual airtime as they become more experienced.

'E-flow trail surfing' is a term we have coined. Just like a wave, the e-bike motor keeps pushing the rider forward, creating acceleration both uphill and downhill, maintaining continuous speed and trail flow. 



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