e-riding health benefits


E-Biking Increases Motivation and Health - Scientific Fact!

According to DailyScience a new study shows that electric bikes make people cycle longer and more often, and the effect is best on women!

The researchers divided a random selection of inhabitants into two groups. The experiment group, consisting of a total of 66 people, had unlimited access to an electric bike for two to four weeks, whereas the other group -- the control group -- which consisted of 160 people, had to use their own regular bike.

The research findings show that the people who used electric bikes, rode their bikes much more than those belonging to the control group. Their daily trips increased from an average of 0.9 to 1.4 trips. The average length of the trips was doubled from 4.8 to 10.3 kilometres. In other words, the e-bikes made a huge difference to their desire to cycle, with an overall increase of 28%!


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