what does 'e-flow' mean?

So what does 'E-Flow' mean?

There are many fantastic ways to enjoy e-mountain biking, but the ultimate experience occurs when your thoughts crawl away to the back of your mind and your body flows along the trail without fear or voice. When controlling your bike becomes effortless, you’ve entered the magical state of “e-flow”.

“Concentration is so intense, that there is no attention left over to think about anything irrelevant or worry about problems. Self-consciousness disappears and time becomes distorted.” Dr. Mihali Csiskzentmihalyi

Deep concentration allows you to consider the trail ahead, way before the bike gets to it, allowing your body to unconsciously and instinctively adjust to the terrain. In a state of “e-flow” your mind is working hard to achieve the desired effect, your thoughts are calm, still and very simple…doubts become a thing of the past…and if you’re struggling with problems in your personal life, they will vanish until your wheels stop turning.


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