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Puddle of Mud


The Puddle of Mud Designs 'Bike for Life' jersey is a women's fit long sleeve jersey, perfect for sun protection or to keep you a bit warmer on colder days.

It features side ventilation, and a slightly lighter material in the sleeves. It also has a handy rear zip pocket to look after any cash, keys, or snacks for longer rides.

This jerseys also looks really neat over elbow guards for those that like to shred a bit harder!

With its soft mint and grey colours, it is the perfect all year round jersey.
Our motto for this jersey is "Bike for Life" which we love! Biking is our life!

This jersey is approximately 3.5-5cms shorter front and back than our other jerseys.


We began the Puddle of Mud Designs journey with a small range of designs that are unique and fun and we think....refreshingly different! These jerseys were designed with women in mind, with a flattering contoured fit, but still loose and 'carefree'. Super relaxed, light, soft and comfy, when you throw one of our jerseys on, you will not even think you are wearing a 'bike' jersey! Go for a blast on your bike, stop off for a coffee or a cold beverage ('ride later' is one of our mottos!) and never feel you are dying to 'peel' out of your jersey when you get home.

Designed for women who want something that looks and feels different, who like a relaxed 'go anywhere' jersey that makes them feel free and look super awesome too (!) while shredding the trails, going exploring or heading out on an epic adventure!


At Puddle of Mud Designs, bikes are an extension of ourselves. As a kid, to get to school and back, to the shops for a sugar fix, to friends' houses or the park. As an adult, to get to work, meeting with friends, challenging yourself, perhaps a spot of racing too and generally to keep fit. In a nutshell, riding bikes is about hanging with your mates, riding in local forests, discovering new trails, trying new things, setting challenges (and nailing them!) and basically embracing life and the great outdoors.
The Puddle of Mud Designs idea originally stemmed from a crazy kaleidoscope of thoughts and ideas over quite some time!

Baggy gear is appearing more than ever in our favourite mountain bike magazines and out on the trails, yet we felt there wasn't much choice around, especially for women, so FINALLY the brand was born! We have started out with an womens' fit jersey. We love the more looser, casual, easy going, all mountain, gravity look anyway, so it was an easy place to start (well in theory!) We took quite some time perfecting the fit in every possible way as well as trying to extract something from the massive string of ideas regarding colour and pattern, and finally the Tasha, Eva and Skye jerseys were born! Of course we have since come up with more awesome jerseys!

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