Cube Women's Baselayer L/S Teamline



Cube Teamline Long Sleeve Baselayer

Provides perfect body temperature. This functional baselayer shirt perfectly regulates the body temperature on warmer days. Cooling when it is hot, the baselayer protects you from chilling on the windy downhills or while having a break. Designed according to the body mapping principle, this shirt provides vented or supporting zones perfectly attuned to the human anatomy. The seamless shirt made of a pollutant-free mix of polyamide and polyester feels great on your body.

Colour: blue´n´white´n´red

Size: XS-XXL

Material: 67% polyamide, 33% polyester 

As the first layer of clothing next to your skin, the base layer is crucial for how the outer layers are able to perform and how comfortable you feel. Consequently we only use the latest in fabric technologies for the best perspiration and temperature management. Our baselayers will keep you comfortable and warm when it's cold outside, and will keep you cool when temperatures are high.

Size chart (cm)
Size     XS (34) S (36) M (38) L (42) XL (42) XXL (44)
chest   80        84      88       92      96        100
waist   64        68       72       76      80        84
seat    92        96       100      104    108     112

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