Bopworx Fork Guard Protection


Bopworx Fork Guard

The Bopworx Bicycle Protection Fork Guard is designed to protect your bicycle’s forks from damage when travelling with your bike in a car, when shipping it in a bike case or box, or while in storage.
In a car or van, the Fork Guard’s soft rubber finish prevents cuts and scrapes on the interior of your vehicle. The wheels roll for ease of loading into your vehicle and also allows the bike to stand stable on the ground when the front wheel is off. Protect your fork dropouts, blades, and vehicle interior all in one. A detachable and retractable caliper spacer keeps your disc brake pistons from closing if you have disc brakes, yet snaps cleanly out of the way if you have conventional brakes.

The Fork Guard has been developed for universal use with all bicycle types and has been specifically designed to work with both standard drop outs and 15mm x 100mm through axles.

  • Protects vehicle interior from fork tip damage
  • Allows you to stand the bike upright so save space and store the bike with the front wheel off
  • Added protection when traveling with a bike case
  • Wheels rotate for easy vehicle loading
  • Universal fit with all standard fork types and bicycle types
  • Features detachable and retractable disc brake spacer that retains brake pads when the discs are removed
  • Easy, tool-free use

Designed for:

  • Road bike protection

  • Mountain bike protection

  • Triathlon bike protection

  • Bike racks

  • Bike cases

  • Bike shipping

  • Bike storage

  • Any other bike fork protection need

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